When Defective Tires Cause Accidents And Injuries

Defective truck and auto tires can cause blowouts that jeopardize the safety of drivers and passengers. If a tire blowout is caused by a defect in the manufacture, design or marketing of the tire, victims of accidents caused by tire blowouts may be eligible for compensation for their injuries and losses. People injured because a defective roadway caused a tire blowout may also be able to obtain payment.

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Types of tire blowout cases

If a tire is defective, it can experience tread separation, belt failure and rim explosions, to name but a few types of defects. If a roadway is defective or poorly maintained, tires on the vehicles using the road are at risk of blowouts from potholes, uncleared accident debris and obstacles in the road. If a tire is stored too long in a warehouse, it becomes more susceptible to damage and manufacturing defects may show up more quickly. It is important to identify the source of a tire blowout quickly before evidence is cleared away and witnesses' memories become foggy.

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