Defective Car Seat Injuries

Car seats are critical to the safety of children when they ride in cars and other vehicles. That's why hospitals insist that new parents have car seats when taking their babies home.

When a defect in the car seat causes, rather than prevents, injury, parents have a right to know what happened. They may also be eligible for compensation that can help them pay medical bills and provide care for their injured child.

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Recalls of child car seats

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued numerous recalls of child car seats for reasons that include:

  • Incorrect steel used in manufacture
  • Harnesses that can detach
  • Chest clips that could break
  • Harness adjusters that could detach
  • Incorrect warning labels
  • Anchors that do not attach
  • Flammable cloth and other car seat materials

These and other defects can cause serious injuries because infants and children may strike their heads during sudden stops or accident impacts, fall out of a car seat entirely or become entangled in the harness, to name but a few potential scenarios. Many of the defects could have been prevented with proper design or thorough testing by the manufacturer.

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