Late Diagnosis of Cancer

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Modern medicine has come a long way in treating cancer. Technological advances make many types of cancer treatable — even curable — if they are detected and treated soon enough. But sometimes cancers of the brain, bladder, breast, colon, cervix, prostate, skin or uterus go without diagnosis for too long. In these cases, the cancer may go untreated for months — even years — after patients experience and complain of symptoms. In a situation like this, an Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., attorney for late cancer diagnosis in Cleveland can be a lifeline.

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The most important factor in effectively treating cancer is early detection. Not everyone is familiar with the early signs of cancer, but doctors should be. Whatever the cause of the delay, late cancer diagnoses can kill. When doctors miss these signs, the opportunity for early diagnosis and treatment is lost. In some cases, the failure to provide a timely diagnosis of cancer is medical malpractice.

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Elk & Elk's Cleveland medical malpractice lawyers have the medical resources and experience necessary to pursue your delayed cancer diagnosis claim and build a strong case. We have been helping victims of medical negligence for over 50 years. When you work with yous you will receive the benefit of a team of medical malpractice attorneys, nurses, doctors, and other experts who will explore every angle as we pursue your claim.

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