Dangerous Drugs And Medical Devices

With advances in medical technology, it can feel like the health care system has a solution for everything, but what happens when those solutions do not work? What happens when a solution is actually harmful? Sometimes drugs and medical devices do not perform as expected, and sometimes the result is painful, permanent or even fatal.

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Drugs and medical devices that cause injuries

Nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug per month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While drug use can improve quality of life, it can also wreak terrible damage when drugs are used improperly or when drugs and devices do not perform as expected. The following drugs and devices have been known to cause serious health complications for many individuals:


Medical Devices / Recalls

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Some drugs such as acetaminophen go by a different name when they are combined with other drugs. This could result in people not knowing how much of a drug they are ingesting and harming themselves. Medical devices such as knee and hip implants sometimes fail, requiring surgery to remedy the damage, but the damage can be permanent and deadly.

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